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July 1, 2024

Contact: Jerry Dean Hocek
tel # ‪973-486-4832


North Jersey Becomes Hub for Emerging Urban Filmmakers

Newark, New Jersey — Jerry Dean Hocek started pre-production for his first full-length independent film titled Homecoming. The film’s production is set to begin in the last quarter of 2024. The plot is loosely based on Hocek’s temporary move from New Jersey to the West Coast in 2020 and his eventual return to The Garden State. The film spins a harrowing tale of a hustler that must quickly raise $100,000 to avoid being murdered when he returns to New Jersey after a self-imposed exile on the Washington Coast.

The story includes gangsters and other colorful characters, along with abundant references to New Jersey stereotypes. Much of Homecoming will be filmed in distressed urban areas. Hocek will cultivate a film crew of young people that have no prior filmmaking experience. All crew members will be selected from applicants that reside in these urban environments. They will collaborate on writing the screenplay and producing the film. To manage the process and help train the novice crew, Hocek has partnered with cinematographer and film editor Eric Peña-Tobias, a graduate from Rutgers University’s film school. Hocek says, “It’s my storyline, but it’s the young crew’s film. They will produce it. Eric and I will simply nurture the process along.”

Hocek was inspired to make the film while living on the slow, largely undeveloped coast of Washington. He stated, “I had the perfect conditions for some deep contemplation to decide what else I wanted to accomplish, and producing a full-length film landed at the top of my list.”

Hocek attributes his past experience in acting and co-producing short films with friends that previously working in the film industry as the catalyst for his love for filmmaking. He said, “I witnessed how producing a film lifted the spirits of everyone involved. I believe that engaging in creative expression develops purpose, joy, passion, and can also be instrumental in therapeutic programs. Filmmaking requires effective execution of ongoing tasks in a structured process within a team dynamic, which mirrors the work environment in most companies and the military.”

The entire production of Homecoming will be documented in a series of behind-the-scenes video episodes published on Hocek’s blog at, as well as various social media platforms. The documentary will serve as an online video tutorial for those interested in learning about filmmaking. The project is being funded by advertisers and sponsors featured in the documentary, as well as product placement opportunities in the film itself. This allows participating businesses to write off their contributions as marketing expenses.



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