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Speaking Engagements

What to Expect

Not afraid to tell it how he sees it, Jerry Dean is a thought-provoking and entertaining practitioner of empowerment, sharing his unique brand of experience, strength and wisdom that illuminates a path to harmony and happiness for all that wish to embark on a transformative journey. Dean will leave your audience entertained, motivated and begging for more.

Dean speaks frequently at conferences, events, colleges, churches, temples, and spiritual and community centers of all types. To best serve each client, every speaker event is tailored to the client's specific audience.

Please review the list of topics below and contact us for rates and booking information. You can use the form below to contact us about speaking at your next event.


Speaker and workshop event rates vary and commensurate with your desired event length, type of presentation and travel distance to the venue. We offer several event formats for each type of speaker event we offer.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Trauma Recovery (all forms - physical, emotional, psychological, sexual)
  • Transgenerational Trauma - The 800 lb Gorilla We Can Now Collectively Release
  • Moving Past Dysfunctional Family Dynamics
  • Men's Issues
  • How Addictions are Formed and Released
  • Effectively Managing Thoughts and Emotions
  • Eliminating Fear and Anxiety
  • The Underlying Causes of Depression and How to Resolve Them
  • How to Effectively Handle Toxic People and Abusers
  • A Framework for Rapid Cultivation of Self-Empowerment
  • The Power of Love and Forgiveness
  • A Loving Home Environment is Natural Suicide Prevention
  • Clearing Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns
  • Taking Your Power Back from Domineering Spouses, Bosses, Parents... 
  • Effective Self-Care
  • Building Self-Esteem and Cultivating Higher Self-Worth 
  • Achieving Your Dream Life - A Framework for an Abundant Mindset & Lifestyle
  • What Emotional Intelligence Is and How to Cultivate It
  • Empowerment of the Individual and Cultivating an Empowered World Community




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