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Building Brand in 2024

Dear Business Owner:

In order to successfully leverage social media as an effective marketing tool, you must consistently generate and deploy engaging, meaningful content that is contextual to the various social media platforms. As we all keep moving further away from legacy TV, Cable TV, radio and magazines, the greater majority of consumers' attention lives on social media. This also means that 90's era graphic banner and YouTube pre-roll ads are by far not the best use of your marketing dollars. You need robust content that tells a vivid, compelling and engaging story about YOU, your company and how and what your company does to solve problems, make people's lives easier or make the world a better place. You need you to connect with your prospective customers and they WANT to connect with you as well. It's 2024, and you're leaving lots of potential revenue on the table if you currently don't have video media that tells the world why they should do business with you.

Some of corporate America is just now beginning to understand the direction digital marketing is going and it will take time to eventually filter its way down to the smaller businesses not yet taking advantage of these dynamics. You don't need to wait. We can guide you on how to take advantage of these trends.



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