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In 2020, I sold a media company I owned and in the months that followed, I sold my possession and drove out to Los Angeles to pursue a new business opportunity, and perhaps to write a best seller and get it optioned for a Hollywood film.

In this video, you’ll see my former apartment in Teaneck, New Jersey. Once I decided to leave for California, I came up with the idea of placing a price tag on all my possessions and featuring them in a SINGLE VIDEO, where I shared a story describing how and where I obtained each item. What happened next far exceeded my wildest expectations. In two weeks, I sold off 90% of all the items I had for sale. I watched as people showed up ready to buy, placing items on the side for purchase because these folks were already pre-sold before they showed up, and most of them didn’t even bother to haggle.

My video and story-telling pulled these shoppers into my reality and pushed the right hot buttons, triggering the emotions that compelled people to show up and buy the items they had viewed on their phone or computer. Today, one of key marketing strategies to build brand awareness and get your products seen and purchased by an ever-growing global online community, is creating and distributing simple, inexpensive marketing videos that tell a story, in other words, share information about, and demonstrate the virtues, features and benefits of the products and services that you offer.

With the Internet, it is now easier than ever to distribute good content that converts your prospects into buyers, but you can’t do this for too long by mimicking what your competition is doing. You need to stand out and rise above the noise. You need to be innovative and willing to test new methods and strategies.

Just like my colleague Gary Vaynerchuck did 15 years ago. Gary was one of the first successful YouTube personalities to gain notoriety for his marketing prowess. 15 years ago, Gary Vaynerchuck launched a YouTube channel to promote his family’s liquor store in Springfield, New Jersey. He filmed himself reviewing wine 5 days a week consistently for over a year. His YouTube channel soon became quite popular…and Gary’s success soared. He is known as one of the most successful digital marketing professionals of our time, if not the best. Needless to say, Gary had much success because he was also poised to capitalize on a major development – New Jersey was changing regulations that now allowed alcohol retailers to sell wine and beer through mail order.

Ten years ago I was hired to help revamp the marketing for a guitar effects pedal distributor. I quickly dug in and fleshed out who the players were in the industry. Aaron Miller of Pro Guitar Shop caught my attention. He had a very successful retail store in Portland, Oregon, and was also one of the first, if not the first person in the musical products industry to produce video-based product demos. I understand that digital marketing can seem complex to the lay person and understandably so. To break this down into a simple concept, Aaron Miller simply created product demonstration videos and distributed them using existing marketing channels such as YouTube, his email marketing list and his social media audience. That’s it. It’s that simple.

Remember that if you can create and distribute simple, inexpensive marketing videos, you will stand out from your competition, grab more market share and generate more revenue. I have a strong interest in selling cars, especially prestige and collector cars, and fine art such as expensive wall paintings and sculptures using video. I like products with high margins that have a that cork-sniffer appeal.

With the current semiconductor shortage, and the lack of new vehicles available for purchase, I am currently working on perfecting a method to film and edit three pre-owned vehicles per hour. I assume that the average sales cycle for a pre-owned is around 1 – 3 months. I believe we could shorten that cycle and consistently increase sales volume.

We could also leverage the Internet to obtain more pre-owned vehicles locally, just as a friend, colleague and mentor of mine did with his wholesale car business. Michael Costigan was purchasing and re-selling over 200 cars per month before he sold his business and retired to Florida. The web page you’re now viewing uses search engine optimization to target website traffic for the search phrases you’re now seeing. I have been generating website traffic and revenue using SEO since 1999. I believe that demonstrating a car on video is the most natural thing in the world.


  1. Lloyd on October 15, 2021 at 2:50 pm

    1999? I was there. Best of luck.

    • Jerry Dean on October 15, 2021 at 7:40 pm

      Thanks, Lloyd. Pretty sure you got my network back up and running in 2002.

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