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WARNING! Adult content intended for viewers 18 yrs and older. Contains violence, drug use, sexy, bikini-clad women in hot tub.

THE STORY AND SERMON: Screenwriter/director, John Doby pulled me and some of the old crew together, added some new actors and we produced this short film for less than $200. Jason W. Fuchs played Jack and did most of the editing and was his usual self as a back seat director in my ear throughout the film’s production process which is partly how I learned to produce motion picture media. Jason explained the process and many nuances. Jason was a successful Assistant Director in NYC for over a decade. He worked on hundreds of films. He is ridiculously analytical and explains well in the right amount of detail.

Learning from OPBs—”other people’s brains”, and the act of executing your plan each day, will eventually has you realizing your dream. We build. A brick a day soon builds a wall, and now we can all play handball. Build your dream each day. Murder your excuses and procrastination. Strangle them and bury them in the backyard. Choose to be free and go after what you want. Execute…and keep executing. Everything is steps. Execute the first step, second step, next step and continue until you reach your dream(s).

In this version of Loot, Jason and I re-edit the episode a bit and I replace all the original music and sound effects and add the credits at the end with footage I had laying around. Expenses: hotel room, champagne, red dye and corn syrup for blood, duct tape, strawberries and candy bars for the toilet scene.

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