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Note: This is the last Letter from the Publisher I wrote in the Northern New Jersey edition of Natural Awakenings magazine (January 2020), three months before I had any idea that I would leave New Jersey for the West Coast. My former wife and I (pictured above) owned a Natural Awakenings magazine franchise and published it for over seven years. This story still bears some relevance to where I am in my life journey.

Life is funny. The one thing that fell into my lap that I didn’t need to acquire through tactical or strategic effort wound up providing me the most benefit in recent years; primarily some of the skill sets I’ll need for where I’m going next. I didn’t realize this until recently… until towards the end of my tenure as the publisher of the Northern New Jersey edition of Natural Awakenings magazine you’re holding in your hands. The benefits I’m referring to were acquired by publishing this magazine with my co-publisher Angelica for the last seven years.

We sold our magazine franchise last month to Anil Singh, an IT professional, entrepreneur, and resident of Bergen county. Anil recently shared with me his vision for an online content platform that all of you will love as much as the print magazine. Angelica is enjoying her new beach house in Washington State and has no specific plans at this time except to enjoy her days to the fullest.

I plan to write my first bestseller before December 1st, and will soon launch a new project that involves initiating the next Renaissance. Someone needs to be the catalyst… because you can’t start a fire without a spark.

It’s been a pleasure serving the North Jersey community, and now it’s time for me to ramble on.

See you on the shores of the world!

Jerry Dean Hocek