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Podcast Advertising Rates

Single Radio Advertisement Spot             $270

Block of (3) Radio Ads                                $470

Block of (6) Radio Ads                                $970

Block of (12) Radio Ads                              $1770

Block of (24) Radio Ads                              $3270

Block of (52) Radio Ads                              $5970            

Call our ad reps for more info today 201-632-5811or email us.

Unique Value Proposition: All of our podcast episodes live indefinitely on our website and various podcast platforms like iTunes, SoundCloud and Pandora Radio, as well as YouTube with static image(s) or optional video content for an additional fee. As we grow our show audience, your ads will continue to get more exposure and results. Where our platform is concerned, you will not see this type of value again for your marketing dollars. As our audience grows, so will demand for ad spots, and the supply and demand will impact our rates. Current ad rates are above.

Advertising Options

Show Host Ad Delivery

Jerry Dean, creator and host of the Jerry Dean IP, LLC podcast, has a well-developed talent for communication, conversation and conducting interviews. A salesman from the age of 16 with over 36 years of sales experience, Dean is involved in hands-on marketing since the age of 19. He studied marketing and sales psychology at The SWS Institute, an elite academy operated by veteran marketing expert John Carlton, whose school attracts the most feral and fierce entrepreneurs in the world. Dean presents your products to the audience in a stimulating and enticing manner that will push the hot buttons of your prospects, while delivering into the audience's psyche the specific benefits and solutions that your product delivers. That's exactly what your potential customers want to know—what's in it for them? With this method of ad delivery, Dean presents your products in a conversional format and may also engage with co-host(s) and show guest(s), pulling them into the conversation about your product. This method mimics one of the most effective advertising tactics from the days of The Howard Stern Show during Howard's rein at 92.3 K-Rock FM radio station. Stern's unique style of advertising delivery elevated many local, regional and national advertisers on the map, and over time generated a high level of brand awareness and revenue for his advertisers. Ad length for this format is between 3 and 5 minutes or longer. Ad rates above apply.

Bring Your Own Ad

We'll play your pre-recorded ad during our podcast episodes. Ad length can span from a total of 45 to 75 seconds. Ad rates above apply.

Paid Guest Spots

We select our podcast guests carefully and based on the criteria and factors that we deem important to our readers. Each guest appearing on the podcast is carefully vetted. Our team bases their guest selections mainly on the strength and relevance of their message and how it can benefit our audience.

For approved paid guests, these are the show appearance rates:

20-minute Guest Spot         $370
30-minute Guest Spot         $570
40-minute Guest Spot         $670
60-minute Guest Spot         $770

To request more information on how to promote your business to our listeners, or to speak to a friendly advertising specialist, please call 201-632-5811 or click here to use our online contact form.



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