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Individual Consultations - What to Expect

Every client is unique and each session for each client is unique. I specialize in identifying the root cause of the challenges or disturbances currently present in your life. I work closely with you to help you discover, understand and release the unresolved traumas causing your current and recurring issues. I also guide you to disengage from the trauma patterning, which are the thought and behavior patterns associated with the traumas to allow you to achieve more clarity, wholeness, joy, and fulfillment and also help you align with your highest potential.

We live in transitional times. Many of us are sensing a pull to heal and allow ourselves to come into more of who we truly are. Together, we create a framework that will transform your current reality into one where you allow yourself to cultivate more self-love, intuition, wisdom, confidence, abundance and joy.

My highly-developed intuitive abilities allow us to target your core issues and together, we develop an effective strategy to rapidly clear the energy, thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you stalled in addictions, conflicts and dramas, destructive relationship patterns, financial lack, emotional turmoil and a myriad of other disempowering patterns.

Most client session are held in intervals of three to twelve weeks. Rapid results and even life-changing transformations are realistic and attainable for those willing to make the necessary investment of rigorous honesty and a willingness to take action and change.

Types of Sessions & Scheduling Options

Individual Coaching sessions are conducted online, by phone, or in-person in my Ocean Shores, Washington office. Online and phone sessions can be just as effective as in-person sessions and offer greater scheduling flexibility. Online and in-person sessions can also be recorded. All sessions are by appointment.


Individual coaching sessions are $125 an hour. Our first session will typically run for 90 minutes at no additional charge. Please schedule your time accordingly.

Call 201-632-5811, email me or use our online contact form.

Hire Me to Speak at Your Next Event

Jerry Dean is a thought-provoking and entertaining practitioner of marketing empowerment, sharing his unique brand of experience, strength and wisdom that illuminates a path to success for all that wish to embark on a transformative journey to improve the revenue generating capabilities of their business. Dean will leave your audience entertained, motivated and begging for more.

Dean speaks frequently at conferences, events, colleges, churches, temples, and spiritual and community centers of all types. To best serve each client, every speaker event is tailored for our client's specific audience.

For more details, please visit our hire an inspirational speaker page.

Workshops & Seminars

Dean offers several event formats well-suited for any corporate offsite, retreat, summit or seminar. Please review the list of topics below and contact us for rates and booking information.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Trauma Recovery (all forms - physical, emotional, psychological, sexual)
  • Releasing Addiction and its Underlying Causes
  • Transgenerational Trauma – The Gift that Keeps Giving
  • Moving Past Dysfunctional Family Dynamics
  • Men's Issues
  • How Addictions are Formed and Released
  • Effectively Managing Thoughts and Emotions
  • Eliminating Fear and Anxiety
  • The Underlying Causes of Depression and How to Resolve Them
  • How to Effectively Handle Toxic People and Abusers
  • A Framework for Rapid Cultivation of Self-Empowerment
  • The Power of Love and Forgiveness
  • A Loving Home Environment is Natural Suicide Prevention
  • Clearing Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns
  • Taking Your Power Back from Domineering Spouses, Bosses, Parents...
  • Effective Self-Care
  • Building Self-Esteem and Cultivating Higher Self-Worth
  • Achieving Your Dream Life - A Framework for an Abundant Mindset & Lifestyle
  • What is Emotional Intelligence? …and How to Cultivate It



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