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Marketing and Sales Consulting and Project Management Services

I specialize in assessing your day-to-day sales and marketing activity to identify opportunities that currently exist within your industry as well as the current framework of your organization. I work closely with you and your team so that we discover, identify and capitalize on those opportunities.


Marketing Video Production and Distribution

I produce videos that get your business, products and services noticed and get your prospect to buy. Over the years, I absorbed thousands of hours of consumer psychology data, hundreds of marketing case studies and closely studied some of the most successful marketing professionals that walked the Earth, including Claude C. Hopkins, the author of My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising. Claude believed advertising (marketing) existed only to sell something and should be measured and justified by the results it produced. Much of the marketing industry does not subscribe to this way of thinking. Leaf through any mainstream magazine and notice the many full-page ads that do nothing to sell you on the product or service. In fact, many times we cannot at a glance determine what the advertisement is promoting. These advertisements are created by agencies that charge good money to waste your money on media that is not only ineffective but also vague and unable to create an emotional response in the reader. We know from the science of consumer psychology that emotions drive the logical mind to motivate and prompt the consumer to buy. Do your current marketing efforts push your prospect's emotional hot buttons? They should. If not, you're most likely wasting your money.



Please contact us for current hourly consulting and project fees.

Call  360-209-4112 or email me by clicking here.

Hire Me to Speak at Your Next Event

Jerry Dean is a thought-provoking and entertaining practitioner of marketing empowerment, sharing his unique brand of experience, strength and wisdom that illuminates a path to success for all that wish to embark on a transformative journey to improve the revenue generating capabilities of their business. Dean will leave your audience entertained, motivated and begging for more.

Dean speaks frequently at conferences, events, colleges, churches, temples, and spiritual and community centers of all types. To best serve each client, every speaker event is tailored for our client's specific audience.

For more details, please visit our hire an inspirational speaker page.

Workshops & Seminars

Dean offers several event formats well-suited for any corporate offsite, retreat, summit or seminar. Please review the list of topics below and contact us for rates and booking information.




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