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Full Name
Jerry Dean

July 1, 1967 (age 53)
Benešov, Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia)



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Jerry Dean is the founder of Harmony House, an organization that provides, workshops, seminars, speaker events publications, retreats and media that focuses on the self-empowerment and transformation of the individual. The Harmony House Fellowship, set to launch in the summer of 2021, is poised to grow into one of the world's largest member organizations, providing a fresh, stimulating social, educational and entertainment platforms for all.

Dean was the publisher and co-owner of the Northern New Jersey edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine from November 2012 to February 2020, a cutting-edge holistic health magazine and part of a national franchise of over 70 independently-owned publications. While at the helm, Dean experienced the therapeutic benefits of numerous holistic healing modalities that played a significant part in his own recovery from childhood trauma, addiction and destructive relationship patterns.

The various energy clearing modalities, shamanic healing work and adopting a lifestyle of exercising effective self-care and maintaining rigorous honesty, led Dean to continue "peeling off the layers" and to examine his entire history and that of his maternal and paternal bloodlines.  He soon identified the trauma patterning present within several generations in both ancestral lines, and learned from relatives he interviewed that his maternal grandparents both suffered major, life-changing traumas in separate incidents in Europe during World War II. This directly impacted their relationship with their three children to such an extent that the effects of their undiagnosed and untreated transgenerational war trauma remained glaringly present in their children and grandchildren.

Dean's radical transformation developed within him a highly-tuned awareness and intuition, as well as an uncanny ability to connect details to clearly understand what is truly occurring both on the surface and within the subconscious mind of his clients. His vast and intimate knowledge of the mechanics and patterns associated with the effects of unresolved trauma allows him to create the rapid changes his private session clients typically experience. He states, "When you've had enough suffering and become truly ready and motivated to change, or even completely reinvent yourself, the tools, information, people, organizations, publications, modalities, programs or methods will appear to support and guide you through your process."



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