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What We Do

Jerry Dean provides an educational and social platform for recovery from emotional trauma (PTSD) and for the self-empowerment and transformation of the individual, families and communities through workshops, seminars, publications, retreats and media. The Harmony House Fellowship, set to launch in the summer of 2020, is poised to grow into one of the world's largest affinity groups on the globe. Harmony House collaborates with other brands and organizations that are committed to providing resources of the highest integrity and quality.

How It Began

Jerry Dean is currently writing his first book, Tainted Love (working title), set to be published March 2021 under his publishing company, Sun Mountain Press. A portion of the profits from the book will fund the launch of Harmony House, a 501 c 3 charity organization that will operate a program designed to guide troubled teens to identify a career or life path that offers the opportunity for creative expression, financial stability and entrepreneurial pursuits. The charity will focus on the creation of a brick-and-mortar video/film production academy for those that wish to build a career in the industry or employ video/film production, or use their acquired skills for self-promotion or other entrepreneurial pursuits.

Dean states, "The inspiration for the film academy came through my past involvement in film production and acting. Something magical happens when you pull a group of people together to make a film. While producing films, I witnessed friends, colleagues and complete strangers working harmonious as a team, while any friction and challenges we often see in group endeavors were either non-existent or fell away quickly if ignited. Most everyone loves movies, and for those that get to have a hand in producing one, the rewards can be many. Aside from co-producing and acting in several films, Dean produced also produced a short film with a group of former co-workers at their Manhattan office. Throughout the process, he observed the bond between himself and his colleagues improve, and after the project concluded, much of the discord and petty differences that were present in the office environment prior to the film project's start, had dissipated as a result of the pride, unity, cooperation, teamwork and camaraderie the film project fostered.

About The Book

Dean's book chronicles his challenging childhood and youth in rough-and-tumble blue-collar havens Jersey City and Bayonne, New Jersey in the 70's and 80's. At age 16, he moved to Bergenfield, New Jersey, a working/middle class borough nestled in the affluent suburbs of Bergen county, where he soon befriended the most troubled youths in and out of high school, including Tom Rizzo and Tom Olton, the two young men whose self-inflicted deaths in 1987 brought down a fierce, relentless media circus on the quiet borough. Prior to the tragedy, the behavior exhibited by Rizzo and Olton began to grow more reckless and unpredictable. The hard drug use and reckless antics escalated and eventually fueled what was trumpeted by local and national news as, "a suicide pact" between four Bergenfield teenagers (see the New York Times article by clicking here).

In his book, Dean cuts through the psycho-babble to the bone and digs in deep to unravel the family behavior dynamics and patterns that plague many families to varying levels of severity. These dynamics and their associated patterns can lead our children into addiction, depression, anxiety, destructive relationship patterns, running away from home, promiscuity, crime, violence, hopelessness, prostitution, prison, institutions and a premature death by suicide or other means.

At the core of our society's long, dysfunctional history is the matter of transgenerational trauma, a seldom-discussed phenomenon that effects each and every person on this planet. We pass on trauma to the next generation because we have not taken responsibility and action to resolve our own traumas prior to bearing children.  Family-centered emotional traumas can typically span over the course of many generations, thereby rendering all blame obsolete, and if we are fortunate, the pain and discord we experience as a result of our traumas will eventually compel us to resolve the lifestyle dynamics that too often keep us trapped in patterns that render us frustrated, fearful, unhappy and unfulfilled. Dean's account of his recovery from child abuse, emotional abandonment, drug abuse and destructive relationship patterns provide the reader with fresh, compelling insights into the mechanics of abuse, including emotional abandonment, and how they shape the psyche and behavior patterns of children both in childhood and adulthood. The book also provides an effective framework that readers can follow to begin or support their journey of recovery from trauma and its many symptoms, and begin to cultivate a life of expansive joy, fulfillment and harmony.



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