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Former NYC Consultant Offers Internet Marketing Course in Aberdeen

Sun Mountain Media, a marketing and public relations agency in Aberdeen, will begin their Internet marketing training course at the Aberdeen Art Center from 6 to 9 p.m. on August 26 through October 14, 2021. The in-depth course differs greatly from most training programs because participants will actually market and sell real products or services to effectively learn how to promote them while utilizing basic video production, search engines, email lists, social media and more.

Sun Mountain Media’s founder, Jerry Dean Hocek, a life-long marketing and sales professional, serial entrepreneur and independent filmmaker, became a successful Internet entrepreneur in the late 90’s by studying and employing tactics utilized by savvy marketers to generate revenue by leveraging the Internet.

Hocek will also offer a bimonthly, no-cost independent film production course to graduates of his marketing class. He recently relocated to Washington State from northern New Jersey by way of Los Angeles. Hocek provides marketing consulting services to business owners around the world. He states, “The Internet and the current economic climate has allowed many of us to now work remotely and even launch new business ventures from home. I am fortunate that I developed the necessary skill sets early in life to take full advantage of this. My course teaches others to do the same.”

Cost: $47 per class, or $326 discounted full payment for entire course. Classes run every Thursday evening for 8 weeks. Location: 200 W Market St, Aberdeen, WA. Seating for is limited. For more information, or to register (required), visit or call 973-985-3236.

Pay $47 Weekly - Click Here to Register

Pay $326 in Full (You save $50) - Click Here to Register